What Is Asking Rent? Carlsen O'Connell Commercial Property Real Estate in Folsom

What Is Asking Rent?

What Is Asking Rent? Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Property Real Estate in Folsom

Business Owners: In this video, we’ll talk about asking rent. This is something you’ll see on commercial real estate brochures but there’s some ambiguity around it. To be clear, asking rent is the start of the negotiation. This is the rent the Landlord would accept immediately with very few questions asked. Your room to negotiate is going to depend on your market and the landlord’s specific situation. Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate represents tenants in these transactions and we can help you know where and how much to push on the asking rent. We have a lot of relevant information that business owners can’t know because you’re busy running your business. BIG TAKEAWAY: There is usually room to negotiate on asking rent and that’s where you want to get a commercial real estate broker involved.

Do you have questions about commercial real estate in Sacramento, California, or any other market? Give us a call today. We’d be happy to chat! Our wives are getting pretty tired of listening to us talk about office space so they could use a break.


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