Linda Bailey

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Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate, James and Dave go above and beyond!
I had been searching for a new location for my business on and off for the past year and spoke to many brokers. Some brokers didn’t even bother to call me back or called back days or weeks later. My deadline was looming large and my search intensified. I called on a property, but it was no longer available. The broker asked what I was looking for and said he would see what he could find. That was the first time a broker had offered any assistance in my search. I was not going to hold my breath. Much to my surprise, the broker emailed me a few days later. That broker was James O’Connell of Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate. Unlike other brokers I spoke to, James did what he said he would. He emailed me a list of properties with all the details I needed and additional information to anticipated questions. This was an absolute time saver! Because James has excellent working relationships with property owners and other brokers, we were able to view the properties very quickly and I found the perfect location before my deadline. James is professional, knowledgeable, incredibly amiable, answers his phone, and returns calls, texts and emails quickly. Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate arranged several bids for a phone and data contractor, which meant that James or Dave Carlsen (who is very professional and attentive as well), found several contractors, met them at the property, compiled the bids, got my approval, then coordinated with the general contractor. My time spent, about 2 minutes. James found the perfect space at my desired rate. James saved me both time and money and I would recommend Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate to anyone. Thank you for all your hard work.