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We recently moved into our very first warehouse space, after having worked out of our home for a couple of years. We were sort of dreading the process of finding a place, because we assumed it would take forever, be too expensive, etc. Well, working with Dave made the process an absolute breeze. We gave him the general location we wanted, and the approximate size and rent amounts we were looking for. Within two days he provided us a list of options. And, the nice thing was that all of the options fell within the parameters we provided, so he did not waste our time with things we couldn’t afford. We set an appointment for the following day to go look at 3-4 of the properties on the list. We ended up not going with any of those, but the next place we looked at was perfect! Size, location, and price all were exactly what we wanted. Dave was very responsive during the whole process and took care of all the leg work with the landlord, so all we had to do was sign the lease and move in. He even managed to negotiate a free month of rent for us! It was very obvious the Dave was looking out for our best interests during the whole process, which we appreciated so much. We can’t recommend him highly enough!