Jim Carlsen

Veteran Advisor

After an MBA from the University of Michigan, Jim and Beth Carlsen moved to Northern California in 1985. Jim started his career as a commercial lender with Wells Fargo structuring loans for industry legends such as Buzz Oates and Carl Panattoni. Jim was eventually plucked from his role in banking to become an original partner at the newly formed Panattoni Development. Jim developed 60+ successful projects including the first two Western US distribution centers for a growing company called Amazon.com. He buys stock from all his clients and admittedly should have bought much more. In 2005, Jim split amicably from Panattoni Development to spend more time with family and pursue a few passion projects. One was the Broadstone Business Park and the other was the Folsom Sports Complex. Jim created “the Complex” as his personal contribution to the city he loves. Some suspect he was also tired of driving his kids all over town for access to batting cages and indoor soccer. Jim works alongside his sons, Dave and Mac, on the family real estate portfolio with no argument induced fatalities to date. Jim has too many hobbies to list and can fit the phrase, “I’d rather be at Lake Almanor…” into any conversation.

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