Business Growing Too Fast? - Carlsen O'Connell Commercial Property Real Estate in Folsom

Business Growing Too Fast?

Business Growing Too Fast? – Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Property Real Estate in Folsom

Business Owners: Are you afraid your business might grow too fast for your office space? Smart business owners want to be conservative and not lease more office space than they can afford. With that said, it can be hard to balance planning for future growth with over-committing to too much commercial real estate space. Business owners want to be optimistic, but don’t want to pay for a lot of unused commercial real estate. BIG TAKEAWAY: Consider moving your office into a large multi-tenant project with a lot of different size spaces under the same ownership. It’s really nice to have the flexibility and it’s a lot easier to have the conversation of ‘I need more space than ‘I have more space than I can afford. Large multi-tenant projects always have tenants coming and going so it’s more likely there is a larger expansion space if you need it. You can also consider an ownership group that controls three or four large buildings locally. If your landlord has plenty of offices or warehouse space to expand into, your commercial real estate broker can contact them and they’ll be happy to accommodate your request. The caveat is they can only help you grow mid-lease if they have space for you to grow into. Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do such as opening up a satellite office or you can sublease the office. If you need help finding office or warehouse space, try working with a commercial real estate broker. Here at Carlsen O’Connell Commercial Real Estate, that’s all we do.

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